Patrick DeSalvo

4L Patrick DeSalvo

Managing Director
Accounting, Billing, Analytics

Tampa, FL
direct: 678-391-3827
office: 813-658-5875
[email protected]

Professional Experience

Heidelberg University (Ohio), BS Accounting
Tribridge Legal (and its predecessor API)

Patrick is one of 4L’s most senior accountants and is a team leader in the Accounting practice serving a wide variety of law firms spanning transactional, general litigation and plaintiff’s practices, both partnerships and professional corporations. Having worked inside a small law firm early, Patrick has a unique perspective on business aspects of practicing law and the information required by managing partners to keep abreast of financial matters while juggling their client responsibilities, supporting their partners and managing the firm.

Get to Know Our Team

KNOWN FOR: Being steady, solid, and unflappable in his work.

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW: I’m 6’5” and have heard all the tall jokes (few are funny).

BLOCKS HE’S BEEN AROUND: Grew up in Ohio; visited lots of places; Florida is home.

WHEN HE’S NOT WORKING: He’s long-distance cycling and bowling.

QUOTE: Working with lawyers the way we do at 4L is a unique experience. They are demanding, sure. Lawyers demand great work from themselves, from other lawyers, and from their accounting team. The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and I do.