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Professional Experience
Holland & Knight
Jenner & Block
Katten Muchin
Arthur Andersen & Co.

Educational Background
Univ. of Notre Dame (BBA)
Univ. of Iowa, College of Law (JD)
Member, Illinois Bar
CPA Certificate (Iowa)

Michael Marget

Managing Director & CEO


I’m Mike Marget and I solve problems for law firms.

It began innocently enough. Arthur Andersen & Co. assigned me to perform a financial review at a 70-lawyer firm in Chicago then known as Katten Muchin Gitles Zavis Pearl & Galler. This assignment led to a job offer and I’ve been working with lawyers and law firms ever since.

Katten Muchin made me their first CFO, later their first COO and then a partner even though I had no client responsibilities or billable hour requirements. My job was to manage the business of the law firm. Katten Muchin grew from 70 lawyers in Chicago to over 400 spanning six offices during my tenure.

Later I held senior management positions at four other large firms, including COO at Jenner & Block, and Global CFO at Holland & Knight LLP. At H&K I provided accounting services for over 1,100 lawyers in eighteen US and international offices. My goal for 4L is to eventually provide the same services to 1,100 lawyers again – only this they will be based in multiple law firms.

More about who I am:

Current location: Tampa, FL

Original hometown: Sigourney, IA

Future hometown: Chicago (again) or Paris (if Jeanne insists)

What I’m known for: 1) Bringing clarity to complex financial and strategic issues so they can be easily understood by lawyers – Example: a multimedia presentation entitled “Non-resident State Income Taxes, the board game [patent pending].” 2) Wearing cufflinks every day and purple on Fridays. 3) Excessive use semi-colons and footnotes. 4) Non-traditional sense of humor.

My current projects: Building 4L Law Firm Services LLC so I’ll eventually be able to check the “$5 million to $9.9 million annual revenue” box when renewing online subscription to CFO Magazine. 2) Rooting for Arsenal in the English Premier League.

Greatest achievements: 1) Christopher and his progeny. 2) Solving problems which enabled my law firms to become more efficient, more productive, easier to manage, and increasing more profitable. 3) Writing a law review article apparently good enough to be plagiarized by two accounting professors in a major business journal, meaning someone other than my mother read my original work.

Blocks I’ve been around: Chicago’s Old Town and Wicker Park; 16th Arrondissement.

What I’m addicted to: New York Times; NPR; a good novel; Jeanne – not necessarily in that order.

Something that really happened: Declined job at Katten Muchin the first two times it was offered and didn’t mention the law degree until after accepting the position.

My secret ambitions: To teach.

Biggest regret: None of my Top 10 lists was ever read by Letterman on-air.

Something I hate to admit: Can no longer do math in my head.