4L is the leading provider of outsourced bookkeeping/billing and virtual desktop

services to small and midsize law firms.

Outsource Accounting & Billing

Lower operating costs • Better financial data
Advanced technology • 4L financial expertise



Up-to-date case management • Cloud accessible
Safe and secure data • Advanced technologies


4L delivers “large firm” financial and IT software and talent to small/midsize law firms at a price compatible with small/midsize firms’ budgets.

Today’s advanced technologies mean a law firm’s Accounting Department and IT staff no longer need to be located in the same building or even same city as the firm’s lawyers. Large firms have operated in this manner for years with highly efficient centralized service centers supporting lawyers in multiple offices with both technology and talent. 4L has integrated large firm software and assembled a team of experienced law firm accounting and IT personnel to similarly provide bookkeeping/billing and virtual desktop services – the difference being at 4L, we support lawyers in multiple firms.

Law firms who utilize 4L outsourced bookkeeping/billing and virtual desktop services are able to save money, access substantially better technology and talent, and free up leadership time and energy for more profitable pursuits like client service and attracting new clients.

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