The distinctive art of law firm accounting

Law firms today need an accounting department who think like lawyers and act like business people; a lean, focused team of problem-solvers committed to making the law firm more efficient, more productive, easier to manage, and increasingly more profitable. 4L works to improve the business of law because when lawyers succeed, everybody wins.

4L provides managed accounting department solutions to midsize law firms. Founded by former AmLaw 100 and midsize law firm accounting managers, 4L curated the procedures and best practices employed by the largest firms and repurposed them in a shared service environment for midsize firms. 4L works at the intersection of law and accounting combining unmatched experience and specialized skills.

4L’s law firm clients typically range in size from 20-100 lawyers, with diverse practices and business models. We rely on technology and a lower overhead platform (with offices in Tampa and Tucson) to ensure the delivery of efficient, responsive, and flexible accounting services tailored appropriately to each firm’s requirements without the unnecessary costs of developing and maintaining such expertise on-site.

With emphasis on accuracy, responsiveness, and strict policies with respect to data security and confidentiality, more than 100 law firms/1,000 lawyers trust their complex, high-stakes accounting work to 4L, knowing that an experienced team of law firm accountants is the foundation of our firm.

From general accounting to client billing, payroll processing and financial analytics, 4L’s flexible and scalable model has redefined the accounting department for midsize law firms with lower cost, but higher standards.

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