Payroll Matters

Payroll is one of the most complex, nuanced and unsung aspects of a law firm’s business, where nothing short of perfection is acceptable and anything less affects morale of staff and partners alike. Yet while law firms continually strive to improve efficiencies and streamline processes, payroll seldom receives much attention. Not so at 4L, where we believe midsize law firms require tech-enabled HR and payroll processing because they save time and money for the employer and enhance payee morale.

Not all payrolls are the same. 4L routinely designs special protocols to meet unique requirements of staff, associate, counsel and partner payrolls – whether based on hourly, salary, formula or piecemeal compensation arrangements – all against the framework of multi-state employment laws and tax protocols.

4L’s payroll experience and efficiency enables law firm managers to focus on the many other challenges that typically dominate their time.

4L’s primary HR-payroll platform is ADP Workforce Now (“WFN”). ADP is the gold standard in payroll processing and WFN is its award-wining, flagship software. Its features include:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Submission of W-4 and related tax information, bank account changes, 401k and other deduction elections
  • Retrieval of earnings statements and W-2 tax forms
  • Overtime approval workflow
  • Time-off request-approval workflow
  • PTO tracking

Includes pay-by-pay worker compensation insurance coverage

  • Payroll tax processing
  • Payroll tax reporting
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