Mastering the Art of Client Billing

It is an old adage: “If client invoices are not accurate and timely, they are unlikely to be paid promptly and in full.” If only it were still that simple. Today law firms, big and small, struggle to keep pace with ever-changing client billing requirements, protean general counsel billing guidelines, time and rate restrictions, accrual projections and budget update requests, not to mention the vagaries of dozens of different e-billing systems. Without an experienced and highly organized billing staff with well-documented and efficient workflows, law firms risk both adverse financial consequences and strained client relationships.

4L has recruited and developed a team of billing and e-billing artisans experienced with standard invoicing, flat fee billing, e-billing processing, phase and task codes, and a myriad of other client billing challenges. In addition, we compiled a synopsis of client-specific billing guidelines and cataloged the nuances and quirks of commonly used e-billing systems – a helpful compendium of tricks and workarounds not found in the published user manuals.

  • creating invoice styles that both meet the requirements of client engagement agreements and convey value of the work performed
  • maintaining outside counsel guidelines
  • spell-checking time entry narratives
  • generating pre-bills for billing attorney review, edit and approval
  • processing pre-bill edits and generating invoices (including e-mailing manual invoices with supporting costs documentation, developing LEDES billing files, and uploading invoice data to e-billing systems)
  • coordinating processing of accruals, budgets and appeals
  • BillingPonit
  • Bottomline Legal X
  • Bottomline Legal
  • Exchange
  • CounselGo
  • CounselLink
  • DataCert/Passport
  • Genesis Claims System
  • Lawtrac
  • LbGlobal LawLBR/Legal Bill Review
  • Legal Precision
  • Litigation Advisor
  • LSS/Legal Suite Solutions
  • Serengeti/Legal Tracker
  • Simple Invoice
  • Management System (SIMS)
  • Stuart Maue
  • TrialNet
  • TyMetrix 360
  • Web-Enabled Attorney Fee Processing Systems (WAFPS)
  • just to name a few
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