Terri Helland

4L Therese Helland

Accounting, Operations

Tucson, AZ
direct: 520-385-5144
office: 813-658-5875
[email protected]

Professional Experience

University of Arizona – BS, Psychology/Sociology
University of Arizona – MBA, Accounting & Finance

Terri Helland pioneered the field of outsourced accounting for law firms. After ten years in hospital and physician group administration, she took a position as administrator for what was then Tucson’s largest law firm. In this new role, she quickly observed that both medicine and law were under tremendous pressure to embrace cost-saving efficiencies and change, but that medicine was doing so at a quicker pace. One such hospital innovation involved outsourcing to third parties certain back office functions such as billing and basic accounting work. 

In 1992 Terri launched Professional Practice Strategies to provide outsourced accounting, billing and general office management support to midsize law firms. The initial clients of PPS were firms based in the Tucson, Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, but later grew to include California, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, and Virginia. In June 2021 PPS combined with a Tampa-based firm with a similar practice to form 4L Managed Accounting LLC to augment growth of the Tucson office and expand PPS service offerings throughout the US.

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QUOTE: This business has provided me the opportunity to become familiar with many different forms of legal practices and operations. I have met and worked with an amazing array of lawyers and staff from all walks of life. The job is never boring; it is intellectually stimulating in so many ways. I look forward to every day with excitement as to what challenges it may present.